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The Other Dogs is dedicated to bringing awareness to dog adoption in Arizona. We believe that focusing on dog adoption, spaying and neutering is the only way to give each and every dog a safe and healthy life, and reduce dog overpopulation in our beautiful state.

We promote Arizona dog adoption by working with organizations, individuals and businesses to achieve a common goal: reduce the number of dogs in Arizona shelters and rescues by placing more dogs in safe, loving homes.

Adopting a dog can make a huge difference in everyone’s life. If you are considering adopting a dog, we offer plenty of helpful articles that will make the dog adoption process as trouble-free as possible.

When you learn about dog adoption before you adopt, you’ll be better prepared to handle your new furry friend for years to come. This education alone can help avoid overcrowded shelters because it eliminates those who buy dogs on a whim without truly learning about the time, effort and commitment it takes to care for a dog.

If you represent an Arizona dog rescue, shelter or other animal-related organization, feel free to contact us to promote your dog adoption events and information. We work with a number of Arizona dog shelters and nonprofits in order to bring our visitors the most accurate and comprehensive information for Arizona dog adoptions.

Dog adoption is an excellent alternative to buying dogs from breeders or pet shops. If you are looking for that special four-legged addition to your family, learn more about dog adoption from The Other Dogs to see what options are available to you.

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